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Join us as we explore God's ancient wisdom and apply it to our modern lives. His word is as current and relevant today as it was when he inspired its authors more than two and a half millennia ago. The websites where you can reach us are,, or

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Aug 30, 2015

A daily devotional through the Bible speaking with God as Adam and Eve may have in the garden east of Eden. Our website


Heaven's throneroom is filled with sounds and sights that are impossible to describe with words. John tried, but fell short. The rainbow of colors he describes doesn’t give it justice. The sounds of voices and peals of thunder fail to give an adequate representation of what he saw. There are lots of stories about heaven. They give people hope about what is to come. The best source, though, is God's word. Listen to what John says about it. Listen to what David says about it. Read what Daniel and Ezekiel say about it. Listen to Jesus' words about heaven as He spoke to His disciples.

Heaven is a special place. It’s God's home and He wants you to share it with Him. How do you get there? Obey Him. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. He’s been preparing it for you for a long time. It’s your decision whether to come or not. Admission is by reservation only and reservations come through obedience. He wants to see you there.

today's scriptures

Today’s Bible reading plans include:

Ready - Revelation 4

Set - Ezekiel 11; Revelation 4

Go! - Ezekiel 8-11; Revelation 4