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Join us as we explore God's ancient wisdom and apply it to our modern lives. His word is as current and relevant today as it was when he inspired its authors more than two and a half millennia ago. The websites where you can reach us are,, or

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Jan 27, 2017

A daily devotional through the recorded words Jesus spoke while He walked alongside us. Our website

  1. Thanks for joining me today for "A Little Walk with God." I'm your host Richard Agee.
  2. We are amazed at all the things Jesus did during the few years He walked the earth in the flesh. But He said some incredible things about what will happen next. Listen to His words to His disciples and us.
  3. Scripture
    1. John 5:19-21
    2. Jesus: The truth is that the Son does nothing on His own; all these actions are led by the Father. The Son watches the Father closely and then mimics the work of the Father. The Father loves the Son, so He does not hide His actions. Instead, He shows Him everything, and the things not yet revealed by the Father will dumbfound you. The Father can give life to those who are dead; in the same way, the Son can give the gift of life to those He chooses.
  4. Devotional
    1. I remember a smoking cessation commercial many years ago that said a lot about kids behavior.
      1. Man washing his car
      2. Pre-school aged son mimicking with rag and squirt gun
      3. Dad takes a break to take a smoke
      4. Son picks up the pack from his dad’s shirt pocket and pulls out a cigarette
      5. Warning from the surgeon general
    2. Children mimic their parents
      1. It’s how they learn most of their skills
        1. Fishing
        2. Camping
        3. Tools
      2. It’s how they learn good and bad behavior
        1. Previous illustration
        2. Helping others
        3. Kind gestures (Christmas picture)
      3. It’s how they learn about relationships
      4. It’s how they learn about God
    3. Jesus tells us the Father does not hide His actions from His Son, but shows Him everything.
      1. Miracles performed are just a taste of what’s in store
      2. Healing the sick
      3. Feeding the hungry
      4. Raising the dead
      5. Forgiving sins
      6. Giving us His spirit to live in us
    4. The things not yet revealed by the Father will dumbfound you.
      1. Can you imagine what they might be after all we have seen today?
      2. God’s word is still true!
      3. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us at the hand of the Father can you?
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